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Europlayers asked me to write an article about "How to reach the NFL". It was a privililege for me to give Europlayers the hirerachy to take, and the ins and out to inform most europlayers who are looking to reach that goal. Being on that route, I speak from experience.

1) The most ideal way to be a NLF player would be through the general drafting from College. That is the most secure and successful way to attain that league.

Now, here the hurdles that you will run into: with the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) there are rules that you have to go by. You can't earn or receive any money. I know some of you will say what about the scandals and loopholes that the NCAA is discovering. I will answer to that with two words, MONEY TALKS. There have been stiff penalties for some players and less for others. Among 250 000 players if not more only few can make it or attain the draft. Everybody wants to be an NFL Player even me I tried but competition is high. If you are in the public's eye you better have your game right. What I mean, you can't make any mistakes until you reach or receive an offer from a NFL Team.

It’s very political if you know the scene behind it.

2) The second way to attain the NFL, will be to play semi-pro and get discovered by some scouts who are traveling the US to find new talents and attend some camps like "Pro-Elite" and many others. Some camps are out there just to make money and brass players for the money and if you are excellent they will, maybe, try to get you to a Semi-Pro Team. To participate to one of those camps it’s pretty easy with the internet. You Google their open camp and if you have the money to fly or drive to a camp close to your area, you can participate and show your skills. Of course you won't be the only one in these camps. Players are traveling all around the state to get to any camps. Is like playing Russian's roulette.

3) Now there is a new league the UFL. You can find out when they have their camps by going online and Google it, as well and of course be ready to compete with a mass of players who were not drafted from college but who are still dying hard to play the game at a high level. From the UFL you can reach the NFL but so far, only few were able to transfer. Again politics is behind the scene.

4) You can also try to go play in Canada, CFL, and get discovered by some scouts as well who will talk to you right on the spot.


The first thing to know is you will need to speak English totally fluently.

Have a place to stay and get a job..

Like I said MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.. has been involved in the sport agency by luck. My first player that I was able to find a contract for was Sebastien Sejean with the help of Andre Colonna. Yes, the ANDRE COLONA, Michael Vick's Agent. I was introduced to him through a friend and he helped me to get contacts. Sebastien Sejean was released from the Rams and I tried to get him back in the NFL but people talk, and with the complicity of my associate we got him a spot in a Semi-pro team but things didn’t' get too well for him. Anyhow, its tough..


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