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Posted by M on February 12, 2015 at 1:35 AM

IFAF on 02/10/2015

   The 2015 IFAF World Championship will be contested in Canton, Ohio between the 8th and 19th of July with all games staged at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium (formerly known as Fawcett Stadium).

 The tournament will feature the defending World Champion United States along with Canada, Japan, Mexico, France, Australia, Korea and Brazil.

 In a notable change to previous formats, there will be four game days, each featuring four match ups drawn from a new playoff format.

 In the first round teams will be divided into two groups of four teams, having the top four ranked teams in one group (Group A) and the lower ranked four teams in the other (Group B).

 Groups will play knockout games to determine the rankings in both groups. The best team from Group B will advance to semi finals together with three best teams from Group A. The fourth team from Group A will play for places five through to eight with the three remaining teams from Group B.

 The participating teams are ranked the following way taking into consideration the team’s previous performance at the World Championship.


WC 2015 Rankings:

#1 USA          #5 France

#2 Canada    #6 Australia

#3 Japan       #7 Korea

#4 Mexico     #8 Brazil


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