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> Contract Negotiations

We believe negotiation is not based solely on numbers set by previous teams and players. There is an intrinsic value to each individual athlete that must be determined. Our experience and skill allow us to calculate and capitalize on that value. We pride ourselves on attention to detail. There is no substitute for preparation, research, and planning.

> Marketing & Endorsements

As a member of the TDSA team, clients will enjoy the benefit of an in-depth, personalized marketing plan. Our marketing associates start by creating a marketing strategy to match a player’s specific goals and interests. Then, we use our network of contacts to procure deals in various categories including shoe/apparel, trading card, memorabilia, cars, sports drinks, restaurant chains, airlines, celebrity appearances and TV/Radio spots. Because our agents have a wealth of experience in negotiating these types of deals, we are able to maximize and leverage off-the field opportunities for our clients during their careers and beyond.

> Financial

TDSA works with well known financial institutions and financial planning companies and individuals, all of whom are eminently qualified and certified by the appropriate Player’s Associations.

> Concierge Services

Athletes have dynamic lifestyles, but one element that many of their lives are lacking is TIME! At TDSA, we assist our clients in balancing their lifestyles by taking the burdens of day-to-day tasks off of their hands and allowing them to focus on mastering their craft. We take care of all the details so that they can be the best that they can be, without dealing with the stress that comes with life’s daily responsibilities.

> Post Career Planning

In today’s sports world earning potential is limited to a relatively short period of time. As a result, TDSA encourages and facilitates the strategic planning of post-career activities.

From the start, we work with our clients to assist in building relationships and business contacts that will help ease the transition from the playing field to the business arena. TDSA will continue to work with the client through retirement to ensure a productive and fulfilling secondary career.