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                     SIGNED CLIENTS


DeSean Ackiss         Marseillan Dragons               France

Joe Herrick               Badalona Dracs                     Spain

Michael Campbell    Maia Renegades                    Portugal

Charles Drinkard      Fort McMurray Monarchs    Canada

Stephen Yepmo       Thonon Black Panthers          France

Matthew Kershey    Torun Angels                         Poland

Jake Crawford         Melbourne U Gridiron Club  Australia

Denis Ikic                 Nis Imperatori         Serbia

Joel Lay                    Nis Imperatori         Serbia

Steven Michael        Sydney Uni Lions    Australia

Kendral Ellison        Pardubice Stallions  Czech Republic

Eddie Brown            Pardubice Stallions  Czech Republic


***Jeremy Brigham Former NFL Player, Raiders***

Available for a HEAD COACH Position




Former NFL/French player Sebastien Sejean coming out of retirement signed with Aix Argonautes  France 

Moustapha Sene       Templiers                 Elamcourt

Zach Saw                Potsdam Royals         Germany

Delvin Welch          Ritterhude Badgers   Germany

Cameron Mayfield  Ritterhude  Badgers  Released

Tevin Hanley          Ritterhude  Badgers   Germany

Travis Hansen        Ferrara Aquile            Italy

Tyler McCulloch    Ferrara Aquile            Italy

Griffin Neal            Hildesheim Invaders / New Orleans Saints

2015 New Clients

Charles Watson    Released.

Zach Shaw        Templiers Elamcourt /Unicorns Schwäbisch Hall

Cody Redmond Templiers Elamcourt

Jad Moubarak  Position: DE/TE (CFL-NFL PROSPECT) from Lebanon. Signed with Louaize Club Lebanon for 2015-2016

Timothy Thomas          Seinajoki  Crocodiles Finland

Andre Feuerherdt         Seinajoki Crocodiles Finland

Stephen Yepmo           Genova Seahawks

Spencer Cutlan            Seinajoki Crocodiles Finland

Damonshay Pitt           Seinajoki Crocodiles Finland

Griffin Neal                Hildesheim Invaders Germany 

Thomas Hogue           Souffelweyersheim Géant France

Randy Block               Chambéry The Eagles France

Quandon Christian      Lazio Marines Italy

Parker Orms                Milano Rhinos   Italy

Craig Maynard           Jyvaskylan Jaquaarit Finland



Sebastien Sejean  Ex Saint-Louis Rams 2008 Reading Express, PA 2011 traded to the Erie Storm, PA

Sebastien Sejean History

Anthony L Fitzgerald      Thunderkats, Tucson AZ 2011

Chad Upshaw Former Carolina Panthers, The Badalona Dracs of Spain

Stacey Thomas          (practice squad Buffalo Bills 2007)

Keith Knapp (punter-kicker) NFL-UFL-USFL prospect

Todd Mitchell            Calgary Stampeders

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